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Hounds and Harriers Recap

  • Barbara Rushman


Under the direction of club member Barb Rushman, the 20th Annual and final RCR Hounds and Harriers Run was held in South Mountain Reservation on Saturday October 8, 2016.   The race was won by first timer Eric Dyson (Downington, PA) and his beagle mix Griffin in 16:02, the second fastest time ever run at the event.  8 of the top 10 times were run by out-of-staters.   The women’s division was won by Lauren Santonastaso (Springfield) and her beagle mix Macy (20:23) who also won the event in 2014.  Thanks all for the support on race day which really makes this race happen.    We plan to donate $15,000 from this year’s race divided among 6 charities. 


The event was created to provide a place that people are not only allowed but required to run with a canine partner.  Dogs are not allowed to participate in most races. 


This event is a favorite of all that come because there are few opportunities to run a race with your dog. Long time participants, the 6 children and 2 parents of the Prebenda family each wrote in a Thank you that you can find on the Endorsement page of the website.  Here is an except written by the mom Shelly ”H&H Run was the absolute best way for us to celebrate our canine companions and the profound bond we share with them. Our family has treasured this event during the last two decades, looking forward to uniting with our kids & dogs year after year. THANK YOU, for creating this exuberant way to honor our best friends, and thanks for giving so much vital support to animal organizations that truly care.”  Long time Chatham residents, they have returned the last 4 years following a move to Rhode Island.


6 Club members participated, three with their own dogs:  Henry Ahlers with Gilbert, Chris  Hughes with Carmen and Courtney Clark with Sophie.  Dorothy Hughes and Judy Ahlers ran my two dogs Daisy and Ryan.  Kathy Hale ran with Courtney Clark’s Elvis, but had to drop out when Elvis refused to follow the course.  Courtney & Sophie ran strong and were among the lead women. 


Courtney Cark & Sophie 22:40

Henry Ahlers and Gilbert 30:01

Chris Hughes and Carmen 33:08

Judy Ahlers and Ryan 34:19

Dorothy Hughes and Daisy 38:34


A post race lunch was held for supporters at Gregorio’s in Chatham on Oct 23. 


You can visit the website to see full results, video links, links to about 3,000 photos and more on a Shutterfly shared site:



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