Aileen and Vivian’s Excellent Adventure to Mt. Rushmore

Climbing up the 5.5 mile hill toward Mt. Rushmore was the beginning of State No. 40 for my quest to run a half marathon in every state. This time Vivian decided to join me. John was gracious enough to be our driver, sherpa and photographer for our journey which began 3 days before the race. We took a horribly early 5 am flight from Newark to Denver to Rapid City, Idaho. The weather for the first two days was rainy and cool, but Vivian insisted that as soon as we got ourselves checked into the hotel, we had to go for a run. So out into the dreary rain we went. I kept on telling myself that the cool, damp run was just what I needed after such an early morning flight. I must have been very co

Individual Grand Prix - What’s all this about points races?

USATF-NJ hosts several individual competitions in addition to the team competition. Runners can compete in Mini-1, Mini-2, Mini-3 and the Overall competition. When you look at the Long Distance Running calendar on the USATF-NJ site, look for a designation such as "NBGP-500pts" in the race listing. Compuscore also usually indicates the points for a race in their calendar. This means it is a certified course and you can earn individual points. Most races are 500 points races and team championship races are 700 points. Race applications should also include this information. If you run one of these races, you receive a certa

September reports

RC2 was represented by small groups at the last two team championships: September 9 - Thanks to Kathy Ballance for checking out the newest race on the team championship schedule - By Hook or By Crook 12K. Kathy placed 2nd in her age group - congratulations! September 16 - Thanks to Lou, Michael, Robb and Himanshu for representing RC2 at the Liberty Half Marathon in Jersey City. There are a couple more races on the schedule: The XC 8K championship on October 21 at Deer Path Park in Readington is always a pretty course (with a few challenges). The Ashenfelter 8K on Thanksgiving Day is a great way to kick off your holiday. Make sure you are checking your standings in the USATF-NJ individual ra

Race Team Captain Kathy Hale at the College Avenue Mile

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