Giralda 10K

The Giralda Farms 5K & 10K was graced with another beautiful day for racing. Bright sun and blue skies greeted runners and volunteers as they entered the Giralda Farms property. Nearly 1000 runners joined Rose City for a race that always receives accolades from runners. Many of our team did double duty, setting up and working registration or other tasks before running the 10K.

Nearly 1,000 runners set out on the challenging course. The start is always impressive, with both races starting out together. The first mile is deceiving – down Dodge Drive. Then the fun starts with the first left hand turn; yes, up the hill. The crowd thins out a little after the 5K turnaround. For the 10K, it’s back around and down Dodge Drive again and then up Dodge Drive (how many times do I have to pass the finish line before I can actually cross it?). Around “the block” and then up Dodge Drive AGAIN to the finish line.

The 10K was the masters women’s championship this year. The Rose City 40s Women took 8th, the 50s Women took 11th and the 60s Women took 5th. Congratulations!

There are great pictures on Facebook – check out Mark Nyhan’s page and Thorsten Rosner’s page for starters. Thanks to all of our runners and volunteers for making it a terrific day!

Rose City Team Member Results

Kimberly Reidy 45:42

Dede Paul 48:27 (2nd 55-59)

Derek Shendell 51:36

Courtney Clark 52:04

Kathleen Hale 56:53

Aileen Flanagan 58:34

Beth Nelson 1:02:46 (5th, 65-69)

Lynda Brush 1:03:14 (6th, 65-69)

Carol Morman 1:13:34

Amy Duncan 1:16:10

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