Miles for Music is coming!

The first team race of the season is the Miles for Music 20K on March 20. How many miles? 12.4 to be exact (thanks to Cande for correcting Kathy!). This is a fast and flat race, great way to knock off a Category 3 (long distance) race at the beginning of the season. Runners don’t have to do anything different when they register for the race. Kathy will download a list of pre-registered runners the day before the race and submit a roster to the scoring company that details who is on which team for Rose City. And that’s another good point – you make Kathy’s life much easier if you pre-register for the race. If you register day-of, it’s more paperwork.

If you’re not up for running the race, come out and support the team by cheering us on! You may also find yourself the recipient of various items of running clothing as the day warms up. Cheerleaders/sherpas are an important part of our race team.

Don’t forget to

  1. Join USATF-NJ or renew your membership.

  2. Renew your RC2 membership.

  3. Mark your calendars for the team races.

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