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Miles for Music 20K

The Miles for Music course in Johnson Park is loops, lots and lots of loops. Runners head out in one direction onto loop 1, back past the finish line and onto loop 2. Then they run loop 1 again, and loop 2 again. Then they run loop 1 one more time. That’s a total of 5 loops, if you are counting.

The forecasted snow storm fortunately stayed out to sea, although we did see a few big wet flakes before the race. Unfortunately, March was doing its best to go out like a lion and the wind was whipping around!

Rose City fielded three teams:

Open Men – 10th

40s Men – 12th

40s Women – 8th.

Thanks to the runners who came out for this early season challenge! Check out the pictures from the race on the RC2 web page.

The next race is the Cherry Blossom 10K (Masters Women) on April 10. After that is the Clinton Country Run 15K (All divisions) on April 30. Please let me know if you will be running either of these races!

Rose City Team Member Results

Mike Gentile 1:30:30

Lou Grunfelder 1:38:30

Paul Williams 1:43:59

Courtney Clark 1:44:01

Michael Lin 1:48:03

Cande Olsen 1:53:39 (2nd, 65-69)

Bobi Commer 1:59:29

Kathy Hale 2:02:22

Dick Helmer 2:18:55

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