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Cherry Blossom 10K

A small group of Rose City runners participated in the Cherry Blossom 10K in Newark last weekend. More than 1,000 racers turned out on a day that started out pretty chilly, but turned into a nice day for running. This race starts uphill, and that’s not the last hill, but it probably is the steepest. The course is rolling (Aileen says all of mile 3 was uphill!) through the park. And then the finish is slightly uphill too!

Rose City entered two teams – the 40s Women placed 15th and the 50s Women placed 14th. Thanks to all our runners and special thanks to John Flanagan, who carried all our extra clothing!

Lessons learned at the Cherry Blossom 10K:

  1. The cherry blossoms are confused, it’s not really spring. Or at least it didn’t feel like it before the race!

  2. Root beer Gu is icky.

  3. A few Swedish fish are not enough to get you through a 10k.

  4. We all need sparkly skirts like Audrey’s.

Rose City Team Member Results - Cherry Blossom 10K, April 10, 2016

  • Kathleen Hale 56:21

  • Audrey Serban 56:30

  • Aileen Flanagan 58:56

  • Beth Nelson 1:04:40 (5th, 65-69)

  • Carol Morman 1:08:07

  • Dorothy Hughes 1:26:20

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