Clinton 15K Race Report

The Clinton Country Run always draws a fast crowd of runners. The 15K is a team race for all divisions. The weather is unpredictable – I’ve run this race in blazing heat and in blustery conditions. This year the weather started out chilly and windy – it always is on top of the ridge. As we got to race time it started to warm up a little and the sun started to come out.

The Clinton 15K is one of my favorite courses – partly because it’s almost in my backyard . It’s easy to go out too hard in this race; the first few miles are pretty flat and the hills don’t kick in until about mile 5, and then you have rolling hills for a couple of miles. If you put out too much energy in the first half of the race, those hills can be daunting. And if you forget to save some energy for the hill at the end you will be in big trouble.

Rose City entered six teams this year:

40s Men – 11th

40s Women – 10th

50s Men – 9th

50s Women – 7th

60s Men – 8th

60s Women – 2nd

Over 400 runners completed the 15K. To give you an idea of the depth of the competition, the 60s Men’s category had 14 teams! Several of our runners also placed in the top 10 in their age groups. Denise Fisher also ran the 5K and took 3rd in her age group!

One of our newest runners, Ed, pointed out that next year Rose City will have an amazing 70 Men’s team. We found Manav at the last minute and he became a USATF-NJ member just before the race to join the team.

Thanks to all our runners! Next up is the Newport 10K on May 14.

Clinton Country Run 15K, April 30, 2015

  • Michael Gentile 1:06:43 (5th, 55-59)

  • Lou Grunfelder 612 1:12:01

  • Brian Angle 1:13:23*

  • Michael Lin 1:14:27

  • Edward Leydon 1:15:00 (2nd, 70-74)

  • Courtney Clark 1:18:15 (10th, 40-44)

  • Susan Wharton 1:20:56 (3rd, 60-64)

  • Vivian Wilson 1:22:12 (7th, 55-59)

  • Manav Agarwal 1:24:04

  • Richard Helmer 1:25:21

  • Derek Shendell 1:26:58

  • Kathleen Hale 1:29:11

  • Eileen Obrien 1:35:17 (7th, 60-64)

  • Beth Nelson 1:36:04 (4th, 65-69)

  • George Grosso 1:43:02

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