Clinton Country Run

The Rose City racing team continued 2017 with two races in late April and early May. The weather can’t be predicted for the Clinton Country Run 15K. A Facebook memory from a few years ago popped up in my timeline the day after this year’s race – we were bundled up after the race. This year it felt like we were in the tropics! It was a warm and humid day, which made for a tough effort for many of us. More than 350 runners completed the 15K. We fielded two women’s teams – the 40s team placed 11th and the 50s team was 9th.

A few club members ran the 5K and 15K incognito – check out the results on Compuscore. Thanks to Lee Brush and John Flanagan for cheering and photography. Lee and Lynda hosted a great party afterwards – thanks for giving us the opportunity to celebrate finishing the race upright!

Clinton Country Run 15K Team Member Results

  • Brian Angle 1:16:46

  • Lou Grunfelder 1:19:23

  • Michael Lin 1:20:20

  • Courtney Clark 1:23:23

  • Bobi Commer 1:40:08

  • Kathleen Hale 1:42:24

  • Allison Brown 1:45:07*

  • Aileen Flanagan 1:53:41

  • Beth Nelson 1:53:41 (3rd, 65-69)

  • George Grosso 1:53:41

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