XC 8K race - Oct 22

USATF-NJ XC 8K, October 22, 2017

When arriving at Deer Path Park on Sunday morning, one RC2 runner (who shall not be named) bemoaned the lack of appropriate clothing- it was only 42 degrees and a singlet and shorts didn’t feel like the best idea. However, by race time, the temperature was closer to 60 and a singlet and shorts turned out to be the best attire! Deer Path Park is always a beautiful location, and the sun was shining for an unseasonable warm and beautiful fall day.

8K at Deer Path means three loops (and three times up the darn hill), but the recent dry weather meant no mud pits to run around. 260 runners joined the fun for this year’s race.

Rose City fielded a 60s men’s team, which placed 8th out of 12 teams. To have that many teams in any age group is terrific. The fact that it was the 60s age division is amazing! There were 47 men who competed in the 60s age division, that’s almost 20% of the runners in the whole race. I should also note that there were four men’s 70s teams, three women’s 60s teams and one women’s 70s team.

We also fielded a women’s 40 team, who placed 11th out of 12 teams.

Thanks to everyone who came out and raced on a terrific day!

Our next race is the Giralda 5K for the masters men on November 12. If you plan to race, make sure that you have a volunteer position for before or after the race, or bring along a friend, family member or stranger you find along the way to fill a volunteer spot.

USATF-NJ 8K XC Results

  • Michael Lin 38:15

  • Edward Leydon 40:57.47*

  • Julia Scales 44:17.18*

  • Richard Helmer 45:14.06

  • Karl Fenske 49:17.33*

  • Kathleen Hale 49:40.73*

  • Aileen Flanagan 52:30.06

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