Farewell to 2017 and What will 2018 bring?

Another year of racing is behind us. There were 14 team championship races in 2017. Rose City had runners at 11 of those races, and teams at six of them. Lou Grunfelder and Dick Helmer led the pack with participation in eight races, followed by Michael Lin with seven. Many others of us logged in with one to five races – maybe we will increase those numbers in 2018? Thank you to everyone who raced in 2017, whether it was one race or eight, you all are amazing!

The 2018 team championship schedule was just posted. There are some perennial favorites on the list – Clinton 15K, Newport 10K, the Lager Run 5K and Liberty Half. In addition, there are some races that were more recently added to the team championship cycle – Harrington Park 5K and the Little Silver 5K. Keep your eyes and ears open for a (tentative) 12K at Mercer County Park to join the schedule in March. A few favorites – Giralda and President’s Cup – did not make the list this year.

On January 13th we will hold a team discussion about our future. Do we want to keep racing as an official team? Do we want to focus on a few favorite races? How can we attract new racing members? We’ll meet up after the Saturday morning run and talk about 2018 so that we can report back to the club at the annual meeting on January 24th.

Don’t forget to renew your USATF membership, especially if you are racing on January 1!

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