April Races

The racing team kicked off the season in April with the Indian Trails 20K, followed up by the Clinton 15K later in the month. We welcomed new RC2 members and our Hill Runners of Hunterdon (HRH) compatriots to the team this year. May is a busy month, with three races on the calendar.

Interested in running with the team? Email Kathy! If you can’t run with the team, come out to cheer us on at one of our upcoming races.

Indian Trails 20K

Approximately 228 runners tackled the hills at Indian Trails in April, including 4 Rose City Runners. Thanks to Lou, Michael, Himanshu (in his first RC2 race) and Karl for representing the team!

Lou Grunfelder 1:45:29

Michael Lin 1:51:38

Himanshu Pandya 2:11:10

Karl Fenske 2:19:38

Clinton Country Run 15K

The weather for the Clinton Country Run is unpredictable – last year it was miserably hot and humid, some years we have bundled up as if it were March and this year it was pretty nice. Mild temperatures and an overcast day greeted us at Bundt Park.

Nearly 400 runners tackled the 15K course, which still has hills. Red Schoolhouse Road never gets easier – steep hill at mile 8.5!

We fielded three men’s and three women’s teams:

  • 40s Men – 9th

  • 60s Men – 6th

  • 70s Men – 2nd

  • Open women – 7th

  • 40s Women – 10th

  • 50s Women – 5th

Several team members also placed in the top 10 for their age groups (see below). It’s great to note that our 70’s men took the top 2 spots in that age group, and all 3 of them were top 5!

Welcome to our HRH team members who ran their first race with us as part of the new, joint RC2/HRH team.

Many thanks to RC2 members Beth, John and Lee and Lynda who:

  • Helped out our Hill Runner friends at the water stop;

  • Served as photographer and clothing sherpa; and

  • Hosted a great post-race party!

Next up we have the Newport 10K (May 5), the Our House 4-mile (May 19, and I heard rumblings about a beer run after that one) and the Ridgewood 10K (May 28).

Rose City Team Member Results – Clinton Country Run 15K

  • Brian Angle 1:13:41

  • Lou Grunfelder 1:13:43 (5th, 60-64)

  • Michael Lin 1:17:00

  • Edward Leydon 1:19:43 (1st, 70-74)

  • Mirril McMullen 1:20:38

  • Courtney Clark 1:21:25

  • Erin Fulton 1:22:00 (8th, 35-39)

  • Kathy Ballance 1:23:14 (9th, 50-54)

  • Michelle Costello 1:24:44 (8th, 55-59)

  • Richard Helmer 1:28:30 (2nd, 70-74)

  • Kathleen Hale 1:30:24

  • Bobi Commer 1:35:29

  • Allison Brown 1:33:40 (10th, 35-39)

  • Aileen Flanagan 1:33:57

  • Carol Morman 1:41:15 (5th, 65-69)

  • George Grosso 1:46:51 (5th, 70-74)

Rose City members Joe B, Carol Angle and Shirley Pettijohn also participated in the 5K and placed top three in their age groups!

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