Our House 4-Mile.....Swim???

In the past, the Our House race was a 5-mile race with a LOT of hills (ok, I only ran it once, so my memory may be exaggerating the hills a bit). A few years ago, the race was modified to a 4-mile race and the course was modified so that it only has some rolling to moderate hills (I kept waiting for the nasty hills!).

Unfortunately, race day dawned cool and rainy (sounds like most of May). Although the rain certainly put a damper on the pre and post race festivities around the green, it wasn’t so awful for running. More than 300 runners came out to practice their agility while avoiding the puddles.

Rose City fielded three women’s teams: the open women placed 8th, the 40s women placed 8th and the 50s women placed 9th. Thanks to Jim for cheering and taking our picture, Brian for putting out our banner and Dick for volunteering despite an injury. And of course, thank you to our runners who braved the elements.

Brian and Carol hosted a terrific (and dry, but only in terms of the precipitation) party after the race. Thank you!

Rose City Team Member Results

  • Brian Angle 28:57

  • Michael Lin 30:30

  • Courtney Clark 32:30 (10th, 40-44)

  • Michelle Costello 35:27 (5th, 55-59)

  • Kathleen Hale 36:48 (7th, 45-49)

  • Aileen Flanagan 38:11 (9th, 55-59)

  • Carol Angle 40:30 (10th, 55-59)

  • Beth Nelson 44:14 (5th, 65-69)

Other Rose City club members in attendance included Shirley Pettijohn.

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