August racing news

I hope everyone has been finding some time to run, despite the challenging weather! The days are getting shorter; when I opened the door this week for our 5:30 am runs it was still pretty dark out there. When it’s cold, we complain, when it’s hot and humid, we complain. What’s a runner to do? All we can do is get ready for the fall racing season!

Team championship races kick off again with the Midland Mile and the Cross Country 5K in August. A new race was also added to the schedule in September – the By Hook or by Crook 12K. This is a new distance for the team championship schedule. Make sure you mark your schedule and let Kathy know which races you plan to run.

Remember – only races on the team championship schedule earn points for the team Grand Prix, but any USATF-NJ sanctioned race will get you points as an individual.

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