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Individual Grand Prix - What’s all this about points races?

September 25, 2018

USATF-NJ hosts several individual competitions in addition to the team competition.  Runners can compete in Mini-1, Mini-2, Mini-3 and the Overall competition.

When you look at the Long Distance Running calendar on the USATF-NJ site http://newjersey.usatf.org/Sports/Long-Distance-Running/Calendar.aspx, look for a designation such as "NBGP-500pts" in the race listing.  Compuscore also usually indicates the points for a race in their calendar. This means it is a certified course and you can earn individual points. Most races are 500 points races and team championship races are 700 points. Race applications should also include this information. If you run one of these races, you receive a certain number of points based on where you finish within your gender. 

 There are 4 main individual competitions - Overall, Mini-1, Mini-2 and Mini-3.

  • Mini-1:  Category 1 races, (3K to 4 miles). You must do a minimum of 7 races to be ranked in this category, and a maximum of 9 races will be scored. Only 3 of these races can be team championship (700 point) races, the others must be 500-point races.

  • Mini-2:  Category 2 races (over 4 miles and up to, but not including 12K). You must do a minimum of 5 races to be ranked, a maximum of 7 will be scored, and only 3 can be team championships.

  • Mini-3:  Category 3 races (12K and up). Total of 5 races will be scored, a maximum of 2 team championships.

  • Overall:  3 races from each category, only 2 in each category can be team championships.

If you plan to compete in any of the minis or the overall competition, it’s a good idea to start planning out your schedule early in the year.  Otherwise you may get to September and find you have to scramble around to find races of the appropriate distance to fill out your ranking. RC2 runners have historically done very well in the minis and overall. It’s not all about being the fastest – part of the competition is running enough races! Check out where you are in the rankings: http://compuscore.com/NBGP/2018/gpupdate2018.htm

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