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Deer Path Park in Readington is a great location for a race in the fall – rolling hills (and

that one darn steep hill) and lots of fall foliage. Unfortunately the park is also at the top of a hill, which means the wind occasionally whips across the landscape, as it did on Sunday, October 21 for the 8K XC race. A brave crew of RC2 and HRH runners arrived at the park to hear talk of a “shoe-sucking mud pit”. The rains of the previous weeks took their toll on one section of the course – check out the pictures for the full effect. In all, 219 runners headed out on the course.

Rose City fielded three teams – the 40s Men placed 10th, the 60s men placed 6th and the 40s women placed 7th.

I commented on this last year, but there were a lot of really fast older men in this race – 22 total male runners over 70! Our speedy 70s men got shut out of the top three in their age group. Also interesting, this year the men outnumbered the women by quite a bit.

All in all, it was a successful day for the team. Thanks to

everyone for coming out to run, and also to Lee and Lynda Brush for cheering and shooting pictures and to Joe Galioto for cheering. Check out Lynda’s Facebook page, the team Facebook page and the team page on the RC2 website for some great photos.

  • Lou Grunfelder 40:12

Michael Lin 41:36

  • Rachael Wild 41:53 (7th, 45-49)

  • Robert Lillibridge 42:30

  • Edward Leydon 43:47 (5th, 70-74)

  • Richard Helmer 44:37 (6th, 70-74)

  • Kathleen Hale 47:20 (10th, 45-49)

  • Aileen Flanagan 48:28 (6th, 55-59)

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