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Almost June updates

Hello runners!

It’s been a wild couple of months for training opportunities, the weather and watching the race schedule. Our first few team championships of the year fell to the current stay at home situation. No word on whether or not the Spring Classic 15k will be rescheduled. The Superhero Half Marathon originally scheduled for May 17 moved to a virtual run on the course of your choice. Brian ran the actual course with a great time. I found 13.1 miles around my house at a much slower pace.

The Clinton Country Run (15k) was originally scheduled for late April and then postponed to May 30. When it became clear that we were all going to be a home longer than anticipated, the race director opted for a virtual race, but this one has a twist. You must run the actual course in a defined time period (May 23-May 30, the postponed race day). They’ll set up course markers, but otherwise it’s a self-supported race. If you run the course (and you can still register), make sure to submit your time and post a picture to our team Facebook page. I will be out there, it’s one of my favorite courses.

If you need some motivation to stay challenged, several of us are doing the NJ Virtual Challenge Run the distance of the Garden State Parkway, or the Turnpike, or the Boardwalk. Join the Hill Runners/Rose City team. There are also virtual runs across PA, FL and the distance of the NYC subway system. These are fun, you run at your own pace and time with a goal of a particular distance during the race period.

I'm in another challenge with a team of 10- we've done 1000+ burpees as a team, done 20 minutes total of headstands, climbed 20,000+ feet and run/walked backwards more than 34,000 steps!

Stay tuned, as the race schedule changes every day. In the meantime, keep up your training to the extent you can. Try some new workouts. Take the time to look at the birds in the trees and the blooming flowers when you are out running, walking or hiking. And be well. I hope to see you all very soon!

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