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By Hook or By Crook 12K - September 19, 2021

My last race report was for the USATF Cross Country National Championship in December 2019. That’s a long time between race reports!

The Rose City/Hill Runners of Hunterdon runners returned to team racing at the USATF By Hook or By Crook National Championship at Sandy Hook on September 19, 2021.

Five RC2/HRH runners joined a total of 279 others from around the country – PA, MA, GA, CO, NY, CA and VA that I could figure out from the team names – on a breezy, sunny morning that felt more like summer than fall. Our men’s 40+ team placed 10th out of 12 teams. Ed Leydon took 4th in his age group (75-79) among the national slate, and 3rd among the NJ runners.

At national championships, all runners on a team must wear uniforms that are substantially similar. This group had more HRH singlets than RC2 floating around, so the men ran in HRH green and I (Kathy) ran in RC2 blue to represent. Thanks to our runners for trekking to Sandy Hook and competing! Check out Facebook and the newsletter for photos.

· Michael Lin 57:58

· Edward Leydon 1:02:51

· Dave Brown 1:06:30

· Kathy Hale 1:09:29

· Jerry Ciciola 1:10:25

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