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New Members Welcome

Barb Rushman - New Member Chair


Ellen Rose (Millburn)

I’m Ellen! I’ve been involved with athletics all my life.  During my teens and 20s I worked as a swimming instructor/lifeguard and was on my college swim team as a springboard diver. I only began running in my late 20s - my ex-husband was a runner and taught me how to run. When I finally figured out my own pace and went for runs of my own, I felt a sense of freedom that I could run anywhere.  The love of running has been with me ever since!

Once I had children, I included them in my running routine with the infamous running stroller.  My oldest, Shayna, took to running at an early age and even became extremely competitive in both high school and college.

I’ve run many 5 and 10Ks over the years and did 1 triathlon.  Once the pandemic hit, I stopped racing due to all the closures and just haven’t gotten to being comfortable in such large crowds.  I’ve also slowed down over the years, but I am always happy to get out and enjoy the nature and peace during my runs.  I start most of my days with a nice 3-5 mile run!

In addition to running, I enjoy many activities such as hiking, biking, gardening, being at the beach, and traveling. I also love movies, concerts, theatre, animals (I am a proud grandmother to two beautiful cats and a dog!) and enjoy being with family and friends. I’m a single mom to 2 amazing daughters. Shayna is 32 and is an Urban Planner working for the Baltimore DOT; Michelle is 28 and just finished her 1st year as a resident physician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I worked for many years as a fashion designer in NY and now am a quality manager working with many apparel companies on the requirements their products need to meet before selling in the global market.

I am happy I’ve joined Rose City Runners and I look forward to meeting all of you.

Katia Cohen (Millburn)

Katia lives with her husband Daniel, an avid non-runner.  She has two grown daughters (Alex lives in Eugene, OR and Jade lives in Brooklyn).  Katia works for a small demographic data company doing marketing, sales, and data testing.  You will often see her running with Wendy (Weinstein).  She's a vegetarian and loves craft projects of all kinds.


Uma Saladi Katia Cohen (Short Hills)


Fred and Lois Campagna (Florham Park)

Fred and Lois have two sons and moved to Florham Park in July after 27 years in Woodcliff Lake to be closer to their two young grandsons in Chatham.  Lois has run her own CPA practice for almost 40 years and is slowly transitioning towards retirement.  She grew up in Westwood and is an avid (fast) walker.  Fred is a retired mechanical engineer.  He was a cross country and track runner for Fort Lee High School and Lafayette College and, for the most part, hasn’t stopped.  You’ll be seeing them mostly during the cooler months since they’ll be at their shore home from late spring through early fall. 


Katherine Ambrose (Chatham)


Robert (Rob) Volovets (Chatham)
Originally from California and a UC San Diego alum, Rob is also a business school graduate from Rutgers. In his seven-year journey with my wife Rachel, they've built a loving family, blessed with two daughters and a faithful companion, Lola, their 12-year-old Labrador. Professionally, he’s found fulfillment in contributing to the ever-evolving realms of technology and healthcare.


Off-duty, Rob's passions unfold on tennis courts, running trails, and in the intensity of CrossFit workouts. These activities not only keep him physically engaged but also reflect his love for challenge and personal growth. As he continues to balance the demands of a rewarding career with the joys of family life, each day presents an opportunity to savor the precious moments and look forward to new adventures.


Jim Jenkinson (Chatham)

Jim and his wife have lived in Chatham for 23 years; they have an 18-year-old daughter who will be entering college in the fall. As a family, they recently enjoyed visiting some of our beautiful national parks (and a few Canadian ones).

Jim has run 1 marathon (NY way back in 1998 – he has no plans on doing another, but you never know) and just ran his 8th half marathon last fall. After years of running solo, he’s looking forward to the camaraderie of running with a group of like-minded people. Jim has not missed a Saturday run since he joined!


Michael Fricke (Chatham)

Michael is entering Freshman year at Chatham High School in September. He lives at home with his mom, dad and golden retriever Sydney.  Besides running, Michael enjoys mountain biking, golfing, hiking, SUP (stand up paddleboarding), kayaking and fishing.  He has competed in cross country with the recreation league in Chatham. He’s done a few races in his home town.  He’s looking for something to stay active during the off season for his other interests.   


New Members 2023


Sue Essing (Madison)
Sue is a New Jersey native who has lived in Madison since 1978. She and her husband, Ellis have two adult daughters. She is a retired Home Economics teacher. Her passions include hand knitting, machine knitting, crocheting, and sewing. She also does CrossFit377 three times a week. She joined Rose City Runners because she likes walking and running and especially enjoys the beautiful Loantaka Brook Reservation.


John Krenzke (Basking Ridge)

John recently moved here from Minnesota with his wife, Krystal. He started running in 2022, and he ran his first half-marathon in October of that year. Since moving to New Jersey, he had been looking to join a running club, and when he discovered there was a club that was described as "just partiers who like to run," he knew he had found his home. Aside from running, John enjoys travelling, building things, befriending unsuspecting wildlife, jewelry and gemology, various artistic pursuits, and mixology.  His goals in joining this group include improving his running ability and meeting great people in this new location (camaraderie being the top priority). He's also looking forward to learning what Glögg is.


Regina Degnan (Chatham)   

Margo Eig (Basking Ridge)

Erin Murray (Chatham) 


Laura and James Novotny (Morristown)
Laura works as a paraprofessional for the Livingston School District. Her father, James is also a new member of Rose City Runners Club. Laura is former Madison High School cross-country and track runner (2009-2013). She joined the club to not only meet new people, but also to get back into shape and rediscover her love of running. Laura is very fond of her family, animals, children, nature and traveling. Her other hobbies include: reading, baking, arts & crafts, listening to music and watching true crime documentaries.

James resides in Morristown with his wife, Louise and daughter, Laura. It was actually Laura who encouraged him to join the Rose City Runners Club. James has run several marathons in the past, which included the New Jersey Marathon, the New York Marathon, and the Marine Corps. Marathon in D.C., and hopes to get back into running. James is also a retired Technology Education supervisor for the Livingston School District. He is a true handy man who is passionate about building things and working on cars.


Viyjanta Ruparel (East Hanover) 

Viyjanta lives in East Hanover with her husband Anupam. They have three children: Jai, Neel and Tara, a dog named Pepper and a cat named Pumpkin. Viyjanta decided to join the Rose City Runners Club because she likes to walk/run and would like to meet others who do as well.  When I was having trouble pronouncing her name she said “Think of Magenta with a V”!  

Fatih Karakurt (Short Hills)

Fatih moved to Short Hills in 2019 after living in Jersey City for 20 years. Since he can't run fast, he tries to run longer distances. He fell in love with trail running a long time ago and still prefers it over road running except in very muddy conditions. He works as a software developer full time and volunteers as an EMT on Tuesday nights at MSHVFAS. He is still trying to get his miles up after recovering a knee injury earlier this year. Originally from Turkey, he has two daughters: one is graduated from UCLA this June and the other is a senior at Millburn HS.


Bobbi Davit (Basking Ridge)

Bobbi is an animal lover. She sometimes pet sits for people she knows.  She enjoys running, hiking, bird watching, baking, reading historical fiction, and word games, especially Wordle and Spelling Bee. She joined the club to meet fellow runners, hopefully pick up some tips so she can increase her speed and set a new 5k PR, and of course, for the post-run breakfasts🙂.

Kris Miller (Summit)

Kris has 4 grown children.  She is currently a consultant specializing in Financial Services Companies.  Running is relatively new for her unless you count her cross-country days in Middle School.  In Oct 2021 she completed a half marathon for the first time to raise money for a charity. She loves the camaraderie of training with others so decided to join our group to experience that again.  She loves to be active.  Currently she plays tennis, pickleball and hikes.   


Karen Corrigan (Morristown)

Karen started running in her teen years in an attempt to get stronger and to have more endurance and confidence. She ran cross country & track in high school and college. She was also an alpine skier in college. She won a partial scholarship for both cross country and alpine skiing. According to Karen, she was never a shiny star but provided the warm body that the team needed but I suspect she is being modest. Sports were her confidence builder. She has a degree in Kinesiology which is Latin for “you’re never going to own a yacht”. She managed several AT&T fitness centers for 15 years. When they started to eliminate the fitness centers, she began to train executives privately in their homes.  Her business of in-home training was born out of necessity. She’s also been a licensed massage therapist since her 20’s. She works for the NY Jets as a massage therapist during the football season which is April through January.


Vanessa and Tim Urie (Chatham)

Tim and Vanessa have lived in Chatham Borough since 2010. They have a 9 year old son and twin 7 year old girls and a super-mutt Rocky that they adopted from St. Huberts in 2020.  They met at The College of New Jersey (TSC at the time) on the cross-country team their freshman year.  They both ran in high school, ran xc and track in college, and ran regularly in their 20s and 30s.  They ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2003 and the NYC Marathon in 2008.  With careers and kids they are now more inclined to run the Fishawack Run and Trot the Manor in town.  They joined the Rose City Runners this year in hopes of staying motivated and meeting up with a community of runners when time permits.  They say “Thank you for welcoming us!”


Larry Pedersen and family (Madison)

Larry and his wife, Julie moved to Madison in 1997.  They have a son, Christian (24), and a daughter, Erika (22). Larry has been working for PwC since 1995.  Larry grew up on Long Island playing football and lacrosse which he continued at Dartmouth College (Class of 1987). He would classify himself as a “casual” runner with most of his running aimed at dropping football weight in anticipation for upcoming lacrosse seasons. As an adult, he’s run some 5 and 10K races several years ago.  He looks forward to running a few races this coming summer/fall to help him prepare for upcoming high school and college alumni lacrosse games. Julie and Larry like to travel. They love escaping to Quebec City every few months and are very excited about their first trip to Portugal in April.


Carolyn Reagan (Parsippany)

Carolyn joined the club in early 2023 and is excited to run with the Rose City Runners! She recently graduated with a degree in Accounting from Lehigh University this past December. When not running, she is studying for the CPA exam, working part time, and spending time with her family (and cat!). She is excited for many runs in the coming months!!


Michele Soncini (Maplewood)

Michele was recruited by Wendy Weinstein and is looking forward to joining Saturday morning runs. 

Jennifer Sabattis (Summit)

Jen has been running consistently for the last 3 years. She’s competed in 5 half marathons, 2 full marathons, and 1 10k (including the Goofy Challenge in January 2023). For some runs, Jen loves taking her 2-year-old white German Shepherd mix, Coconut. When she’s not running, Jen loves to bake, write, and craft. She especially loves making her homemade sourdough bread. In addition to Coconut, Jen has 3 cats and 1 husband. Her husband, unfortunately mostly loves treadmill running. 


Francine Leff (Chatham)  

Fran has lived in Chatham for 20 years.  She has a 27-year old son (DC fireman) and a 19-year old daughter, a Villanova freshman. Fran works full time as a client exec for a Global IT Solutions Integrator and travel often to see family in NC. She’s also an avid Carolyn Girvan follower for strength training. 


She’s been running since 2005 as exercise for her dog JJ who was 1 at the time.  Then she got hooked on racing starting with JJ at the Hounds and Harriers Run.  She started doing other races and using JJ as a training partner.    Fran has completed over 75 races, many 5& 10k’s and ½ marathons. She completed NJ, Phili, NYC (twice) and Chicago marathons and will be racing in Berlin this coming September. 


She misses her JJ beyond words- 3 years since he crossed the rainbow bridge.  
Now she runs every run for him!


Valentina Vedeshenkova (Basking Ridge)

Valentina came from Russia over 20 years ago.  She had a family membership a few years ago but more for her high school daughter Natassja who is a runner.  Her daughter Natassja is now a senior at UPenn.  Valentina is IT professional who wants to start running again and to lose some newly acquired extra pounds.

Charlie Lehman (Madison)

John Krenzke


James and Laura Novotny


Viyjanta Ruparel


Bobbi Davit

Kris Miller


Karen Corrigan

Tim and Vanessa Urie 2.jpg

Vanessa & Tim Urie

Larry Pedersen




Jennifer Sabattis

Jen 2.jpeg

Francine Leff & JJ

Valentina Vedeshenkova


Fatih Karakurt

Fathi 2.jpg

Sue Essing

John K small.jpg

Michael Fricke

Sue E small.jpg

Jim Jenkinson

Rob & Rachel Volovets


Fred and Lois


Katia Cohen


Ellen Rose

New Members from 2022

Brian H.JPG
Charleston Half Bob and Hilary.jpg

Brian Howson

Hilary Claggett & Bob Little 


Adrienne Mckeown


Elise Misciagna


Brendan Ross

Inna cropped.jpg

Inna Golovataya 

New Members from 2021

Steve Casadelvall.jpg
jenn pic_rose city column.jpg

Steve Casadevall

Jennifer O'Neil


 Ranjini Sridhar

Kate cropped.jpeg

Kate Solinsky Berenter 

Jorge and Maria.jpg

Jorge Largacha & Maria Isabel Reyes

Kavish Shukla


Erica Deacan


Mary Biddee


Samantha Vitoni


Celeste Post


Raymond Nieves


Mitchel Horn


Patrick Sweeney


Ada Mahon


Diana Danca 


Jordon Kizmann


Katarina Erlandsson


Fang Schmitz


Kristina Leider

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