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Upcoming Events



Joe Balwierczak - Program Chair

2020 event schedule:


Spring Classic Race Social Gathering

Bobi Commer will welcome club members at her home in Basking Ridge after the Spring Classic race on March 22nd. Bobi is happy to have people stop by, but plan on bringing your own favorite beverage and snacks. Those who would like to stop by and relax and share some camaraderie after the race, please RSVP to Bobi. 

St. Patrick’s Day Party

We are asking if any member of the club would like to host a St. Patrick’s Day party. The club pays for corned beef and cabbage and the attendees bring their own favorite beverage to celebrate this great tradition as well as either an appetizer or dessert. This has always been a popular club party and it would be great if we could keep the tradition going. If you are interested in hosting the party, please contact Joe.  

Wednesday Morning Track Workouts

Join the Wednesday Morning Track Workout Crew at Cougar Field in Chatham. Email Aileen Flanagan if you want to be included on the email list.


Wednesday Evening Track Workouts

Dick Helmer and friends generally have track workouts on Wednesday nights at the Millburn HS Track at 6:00 followed by dinner at La Strada. Sometimes the day of the week for the workout varies, so be certain to check with Dick before coming.

Tuesday Workouts at Morristown High School

Chachi is inviting everyone, regardless of ability, who wants to workout with other runners to come to join him and others every Tuesday at 6:30 pm at the track at Morristown High School.


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