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Joe Balwierczak - Program Chair

Resumption of Social Gatherings

In the past 10 days, daily COVID-19 cases in NJ have significantly decreased. With more and more individuals being vaccinated, there is the possibility that the number of NJ cases will continue to drop. Thus, it is likely that club social activities can begin sometime this summer. If there are any ideas regarding an event to celebrate the restart of club social activities, send an email to me: jobaphd@verizon.net.


Jingle Bell Run

This coming fall it is anticipated that the club will hold the Jingle Bell Run. Any person wishing to host this run should contact me at: jobaphd@verizon.net


Glug Run

With the passing of Dick Celler, who initiated the Glug Run many years ago, it would be a great honor to his memory if we had a big turnout this year for the run, December 24th at 9 am. Mark your calendars.

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