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Joe Balwierczak - Program Chair

Pool Party

Pool Party

In July Wendy and Howard Weinstein hosted a club pool party. It was a beautiful day and it was a perfect party. Enjoying the day were about 25 club members some of whom are pictured below. Many thanks Wendy and Howard!


Run and Suds

Runs are planned for the 2nd Thursday of the month. Emails will be sent beforehand with the place the run will begin from. One of the starting places in the past have been the Untied Brewery (https://www.untiedbrewingco.com/), 140 Spring St,, New Providence and the Prospect Tavern (https://www.theprospecttavern.com/) in Madison. Runners will be given a few suggested routes. At 6:00 pm, meet for the run, beers ~7 pm for anyone who'd like to join for the beer! The run in October will be on the 14th.

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Other Social Events

If there are ideas for club social activities or if someone wishes to host an event, let me know by emailing me at: jobaphd@verizon.net.

Jingle Bell Run

This coming December it is anticipated that the club will hold the Jingle Bell Run, but a decision on whether to hold this event will be determined on whether the COVID situation makes it feasible. Any person wishing to host this run should contact me at: jobaphd@verizon.net

The Glug Run

The Glug Run this year will not be the same without Dick Celler, but the tradition will live on. It would be a great honor to his memory if we had a big turnout this year for the run, 9 am Saturday December 24th at the Visitor Area of Jockey Hollow National Historic Park.