Upcoming Events



Joe Balwierczak - Program Chair

Pool Party

On Sunday July 18th (rain date July 25th), we will be having a pool party at a new location in Short Hills for club members and their families.  Watch the newsletter and bulletins for host, location and time.   Attendees are asked to bring appetizers, salads or desserts and favorite beverages. There will be hot dogs and hamburgers available from the grill. If you plan to come, please RSVP as directed in the newsletter and club notices. Let’s hope for a warm and sunny day to relax by the pool!


Run and Suds

The next Run and Suds is on Thursday July 8, a run followed by beers at Untied Brewery (https://www.untiedbrewingco.com/), 140 Spring St,, New Providence.  Runners will be given a few suggested routes. At 6:00 pm, meet up outside Untied for the run, beers ~7 for anyone who'd like to join for the beer! Future runs are planned for on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Other Social Events

If there are ideas for club social activities or if someone wishes to host an event, let me know by emailing me at: jobaphd@verizon.net.

Jingle Bell Run

This coming fall it is anticipated that the club will hold the Jingle Bell Run. Any person wishing to host this run should contact me at: jobaphd@verizon.net


Glug Run

The Glug Run this year will not be the same without Dick Celler, but the tradition will live on. It would be a great honor to his memory if we had a big turnout this year for the run, 9 am Saturday December 24th at the Visitor Area of Jockey Hollow National Historic Park.