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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you sow” Robert Louis Stevenson.

So, you may not have known this, but I grew up in the farm belt of central Illinois. All my uncles were farmers. One raised cattle, corn & soybeans, one raised pigs & corn, another was a dairy farmer. I worked for all three during my teenage years; walking beans, bailing hay and other jobs where they needed a strong back and a weak mind. I learned which one would always have the easiest work for the top dollar and which of my Aunts was the most gracious with sandwiches and sweets.

I suppose the same quote can be applied to my running activity. I do not know about you, but I have always had running goals that depended on my performance in certain races. I also had a level of disappointment with my performance. I had a hard time accepting the outcome and always questioned what I could have done better, or what did I miss in the training or why did I not train harder? I focused on the harvest rather than the sowing of the seeds.

Now I spend more time being meticulous about my workouts; the balance of strength, aerobic and anaerobic activity and forcing those rest and recovery days. Especially those rest days. I suppose that was the other thing I learned from my uncles.  If you keep using the same field with the same crop every year, you will eventually take all the nutrients out of the soil. They had a “set aside” program – Thank you Uncle Sam -where they left a field for a season to recover or grow a crop like winter wheat. I liken this to forcing time-off in my schedule and alternative exercises to complement the demands of running.

As I grow more mature, aka older, the quote becomes more applicable to my training. The harvest I seek is measured by the joy of being able to run the miles each week with friends and for fitness.

Be safe out there.


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