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President's Column 

Summer 2023!

Hope you've all be enjoying your summer, with some beautiful and some rainy weather.  By the time of this newsletter, we will have had our club's annual pool party, graciously hosted by Wendy and Howard Weinstein.  We had fantastic weather and a great time was had by all! Thanks so much to the Weinsteins for hosting.

We had a small post-run party after the Our-House 4-Miler May 13th at the Angles. The run route was hillier than expected but we made it! 


Congratulations to all of our members who participated in spring races and events, and good luck with all your training for upcoming half marathons, marathons and triathalons.  Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and we are proud of all that you have accomplished.


We are pleased to report that we have several new members.  We wish them a warm welcome!

Please check Kathy Hale’s column for the Rose City Runners Racing Team list of USATF races.  All are welcome to join. 

One quick reminder, running in hot weather is different from cooler days. It's essential to adjust your expectations and pace accordingly. Listen to your body, be mindful of the signs of heat exhaustion, and don't hesitate to take walk breaks or seek shade if needed. Running smart in the heat will keep you safe and allow you to maintain a consistent training routine.​

Wendy and Carol

Wendy Weinstein 

Carol Angle

Rose City Runners Club

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